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BannerMate --China innovative display

“Our mission is  developing and manufacturing innovative and high quality portable displays , and supplying the products to the global market at the best prices,so that the ordinary customers can afford high quality exhibits and displays.” 
Founder:  Hankai Zhang

Your first choice portable display 
From Establishment in 2002, BananerMate has been always following our mission “ Enabling ordinary customers to afford high quality exhibits & displays” , we focus on developing and manufacturing  innovative and high quality portable displays at the best prices, strive to be “Your first choice in quality rollups & popups”.

Innovative and high quality portable displays
Based on market and customers’ application demand, we build up the new concept and ideas, use the new materials,take the new technics, keep developing market leading portable displays. Many BannerMate products have chinese and international patents , and are very popular  in the global market, including:
Rollups :Catridge Rollup -Rollbat series ,Design rollup-Roll T series,The most popular rollup at the best price- Roll S series and etc.
Popup and big graphic: SEG popup,Popup Tex,Magnetic popup,self-locking popup,Quiclic system and etc
Other portable display: Counters,Brochure stand,Lighting and display case and package.
We think, innovation is not only to create new products,but also the hign and reliable quality is key important to make them successful. Therefore, While we invent new products, we develop the reliable production process , and,we have a very high quality assurance and quality check system in raw material purchase, production , subject to quality consistency and continuous improvement.

The best price policy
We strongly believe, innovative and high quality products also need the competitive prices , to enable ordinary cutomers to afford them, this is the only way to make the great products very popular.While we develop any new products based on new materials , new technic and whole process , we always think about the cost control, hign efficiency and flexibility, to make sure that we are able to supply the good products at the best prices.
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